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Kaitlin Klarer

Your Sex Coach and Guide to a Healthier Life

What is a Sex Coach?

A sex coach is a trained professional who helps individuals and couples with sexual, relational and intimacy problems. Sex coaching is the process of taking the client’s hands and guiding them to sexual fulfillment. It involves a combination of psychoeducation, talking through issues, accessing un-allowed emotions, the practice of sexual exercises, home assignments, and a step-by-step progression of sexual techniques. 


Sex coaching is holistic, non-judgemental, sex-positive, and celebrates the full range of sexual experiences. Sessions are future-focused and goal-oriented, allowing clients to work through sexual blockers and achieve true sexual-fulfillment. 

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About Kaitlin

Hi! I’m a Sex Coach with a Masters's in Counseling. I'm 31 years old with over 8 years of knowledge in the field. I have a background in the adult entertainment industry and am the creator of the hilarious talk show, Watch Girls Watch Porn. I'm also an educator on PornHub's wellness channel. 

I am passionate about challenging our society’s pervasive sex-negative scripts and view sexuality as a highly diverse and inclusive entity. I use a holistic, biopsychosocial approach when helping clients achieve their sexual fulfillment.  

I work with...


For Penis Owners

Low or no sexual desire 

Early ejaculation 

Erectile dysfunction 

Delayed ejaculation 

Sexual Inhibitions

Body dysmorphia issues 

Social/dating skills deficit

The desire for enhanced pleasure

LGBTQIA+ concerns

For Vulva Owners

Low or no sexual desire 

Inability to achieve orgasm alone or with a partner 

Pain during sex 


Sexual Inhibitions 

Body dysmorphia

The desire for enhanced pleasure

LGBTQIA+ concerns

For Couples

Little or no sex in the relationship 

Aversion to touch or misplaced touch Communication issues

Conflicts about desire/uneven desire 

Conflicting values on monogamy/affairs 

Performance skills deficit 

Body image issues

LGBTQIA + concerns

Are we a good fit?

I want to hear your story! I view sexuality as a diverse entity and use an approach that is sex-positive, non-pathologizing, and non-judgmental. I firmly believe good sex is something we can learn and take charge of.

Katlin Klarer

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